Change is good.


Just thought I would let you know why I have been MIA on my blog. I really love blogging and it kept me busy throughout the summer but I got to stage where I was down about not having a job and also stressed about going into my third year of university. All these factors and more just got to me and I felt overwhelmed which is why I started derailing from posting. I had a 2 week holiday to Mexico, Queretaro to see a friend which really helped me think about what I want to do in the future and during my free time while at uni. This holiday was the escape I needed from London, because as I’m sure you know this place can be a bit depressing. Since I have come back I feel like I have got my GROOVE back and I am ready to do the things that I love because they are things that are going to keep me motivated. Blogging throughout the summer made me happy and I’m ready to get that happiness back in my life.

The past few weeks I have been coming up with new ideas for my blog in order to make it show my personality more. Before I was concentrating a lot on taking pictures of fashion and beauty products, which I will still continue but I feel like I have not shown the passion I have for writing and just rambling about my experiences and what I am going through. Anyone that knows me knows I love sharing my experiences and being motivational. This is the side I want to come through in my posts as well. All of the random things will be in the label ‘lifestyle’ so if you prefer seeing my images and tips on fashion and beauty you can just click on those tabs and not have to see my long ‘diary like’ posts. I do hope you enjoy it anyway, I just want to portray the real me! Thank you so much for reading and being patient with me, it does mean a lot. Time to get this blog back on the road!!! Haha. Keep looking out for a new post that will be up soon. 

Lots of love.. Chanelle

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