I find it exciting getting ready to leave the house or even just discussing tips and ideas with people. This is why creating this Blog could not have been more perfect for me, it has been way overdue.

You must be wondering, why did she name the Blog ‘Hangers & Lipstick’ simply because they are the two words that come to mind when I think about fashion (hangers) and beauty (lipstick).

At the moment I have an open closet which means my clothes are hung on rails, and lipstick is one of my necessity beauty products (it makes a statement).

The title speaks for itself about what will be featured on my Blog. I will post Outfit Of The Days (OOTD), discuss beauty products, trends, fashion ideas/tips and all of that good stuff!

I can be really random in the way I dress and act so don’t be surprised of you see a few ‘random posts’ it is typical me.

Clothes and beauty products will mostly be from high street stores and a few special items from high end stores. I am just like another other person that would save to get that something really special.

Well, I hope you enjoy going through my blog and getting a few ideas from it!

Thank you so much for stopping by. xoxo

Contact email: chanelle_mutawe@live.co.uk

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