Concrete Jungle | New York

I really do not even know where to start!... Anyone that knows me will know it has been a dream of mine to go the US let alone NY. Since I knew I’d only be there for 5 days, I made sure I scheduled each day and visited most of the places on my list. When I go on holiday you guys will already know this – I do thorough research into the city. Looking at the best restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping malls etc. And the most instagrammable chill spots of course! There are loads of websites on what to do in New York and I’m sure majority of you will have been lucky enough to visit, so I'll not bore you with all of that but take a look at my pictures blow. 

If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to give you some of my recommendations. FYI, on this holiday I was like a baby in a sweet store, in absolute awe of everything, even the corner shops! I can confidently say I will be heading back. If I could, I’d visit once a year. I felt so at ease and comfortable. It's on my list of ‘happy places’.

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