I love writing these lifestyle/travel blog posts. And I'm beyond excited to be writing about what I would say has been one of the best and memorable holidays I've ever had! Myself and two of my gals knew we wanted to go on holiday together and had been thinking about it for a couple of months. With one of my friends birthdays in August, we thought that would be a perfect time to go away. After loads of brainstorms about where we could go, MARBELLA came to mind. None of us had been to 'Marbs' as they call it. To be honest we had all heard loads about this town because of The Only Way Is Essex. I knew it was super glam and luxurious and we thought that would be an amazing place to celebrate a birthday and have a girls trip!

OK, you got the background info on how Marbs came about, now to tell you about my experience. A good starting point would be for you to know we stayed in a beautiful town in Marbella called Puerto Banus. I don't think I would do the town justice if I even tried to describe its beauty (I will have to let the images speak for itself). We stayed in an AirBnB which gave us stunning views of Marbella and mountain La Concha and also had not one but three swimming pools.

When in Puerto Banus do not be surprised to be bump into celebs anywhere you go. It's known as 'playground for the wealthy' and you feel it when you are walking around. You are surrounded by luxurious cars, restaurants, amazing service and stunning apartments. And saying goes 'you get what you pay for'.

There's something for everyone in Puerto Banus whether you want to relax or 'turn up'. The sandy beaches are picturesque and perfect for a little stroll. There's an endless amount of clubs/bars for you to explore each night from News Cafe to TIBU. Let's not forget the beach clubs (clearly partying in Marbs is endless) some of the ones I visited were Ocean Beach club and NAO.
For all you foodies (like me) you will indulge in the most delicious meals at restaurants/cafes with five star service from La Salsa to MOSH.

You can also find loads of other fun adrenaline filled excursions - we did parasailing - which was a first for us all. I must say it was such a great experience (images below). You can also go quad biking and cycling which is something we didn't manage to fit in.

The only panic I had travelling to Marbs was figuring out what to pack (I'm sure I'm not the only one that has this issue). So in that case I thought it would be useful to write a  post on What to wear in Marbs. Look out for that soon :)

On that note let me let you take in the beauty through the images. Honestly I would definitely recommend you to go to Puerto Banus. If you have any more questions please let me know and if this post has inspired you to go, let me know too.

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