Holiday Diaries| Marrakech

For the past week I have been away in Marrakech, Morocco with my Boyfriend. I really wanted a 'start of the year holiday' just to refresh my mind and relax before the next coming months. If you are thinking about going on holiday, beginning of the year getaways are a great way to save money since it is not a busy holiday season.
In London at the moment the weather is not pleasant, January/February are possibly the coldest months which is why sometime away is PERF in my mind.

Things to do:

 1. If you visit Marrakech make sure to go on the horse carriages. They are a very exciting way of touring the city. The tour is about an hour and you really do get to see a lot. If you like taking pictures, this is a perfect excursion for you!

2. You must visit the souks! there is something in there for everybody. You'll see hand made pieces of jewellery, pottery, glassware and lots more. This is a place that you will really appreciate Moroccan culture. Let's just put it like this you can't say you have been to Marrakesh without stepping in there :)

3. One word. Camels !!!

4. To all my natural beauty product loverssss ... Find out how they make Moroccan Argon Oil form scratch. I loved watching these ladies making it and also hearing the process. Obviously you can get your pure argon oil really cheap over there too (yep, your welcome).

Of course there is a lot more you can do, but these are just a few things that I managed to get up to. As you would do when going on any holiday - Do your RESEARCH :)

Still have loads to share from my holiday, so look out for more posts! XXX

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