My Skincare Routine.

So excited to be back blogging and the first thing I wanted to talk about was skincare!!

Over the past year I have become obsessed with skincare products and looking after my skin. It has been exciting trying new products to see what my skin does and does not agree with. At the moment there are few products that I use religiously every day and so far so good. I am very pleased with my skin at the moment and have been getting many compliments which is why I just had to share my routine. 

I honestly do not think I naturally have clear skin which is why I make sure to stay on top of my regime even when I'm very tired and just want to sleep (you know that feeling?). I think it is important to also say I drink plenty of water which is good for keeping skin hydrated.

All products I use.

From left-right
Clean and Clear Morning Energy : I have spoken about this in a previous post and have been using it over a year, cant get enough of it ( as you can tell I need to repurchase it). I use this every morning because it instantly wakes me up with the tingly feeling you get when applying it. My skin is very oily in the morning as well so this gives me a nice matte finish to start off my day!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish : You must know about this. THE best cleanser in the UK and I can fully back up that statement. Love this stuff. I try to use it morning and night but always in evening. It takes off every single bit of make up, while removing dead skin cells and gentle exfoliation with the help of the muslin cloth you must use with it. 

Liz Earle Light Moisturiser : The thing I like about Liz Earle is that their products are 100% natural. I have not tried that many moisturisers but I really do like this one because it is really light and does not make me oily throughout the day.

Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate : I love the feeling of this on my skin. I use it as a night time aroma and gently massage it into my skin. Its good for balancing the oils in my skin and also keeping it smooth and plum. Another thing I really like about it is that it is not too heavy. It absorbs into the skin well. 

Garnier Miceller Cleansing water : This is a new product which came out beginning of the year. I walked into Superdrug one day and it grabbed my attention, I just had to get it. Now I can say it has been one of my best skincare decisions! I use this morning and night, every day. It is very very gentle and does not strip your skin in any way. 

Botanics Iconic Clay Mask : I was so glad to hear that Boots have their own Natural skincare line. I had read a few reviews about the clay mask and thought I'd give it a go because it sounded great for my skin type (oily). I do not think I can replace this mask because I love it too much. I try to use it about twice a week.

Products used daily (above)

Products used weekly (above)

Hope you have all enjoyed this post!!!!


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