I Made It !!!


Hello everyoneeee,

Yes I'm in a fantastic mood. I have literally had the best week of my life so far, because if you have not guessed already .... I graduated on 24/07/2014. I didn't think I would be as a happy as I am. But the past 3 years have been very tough and an emotional roller-coaster. There were times I doubted myself, when I wanted to give up, when I was depressed. I truly have my friends, family and God to thank for the constant motivation, would not have made it without the people that I have around me. Luckily on the day of the ceremony the weather was amazing, the sun was out which I felt made the day more special. Seeing how proud I have made my parents tops it all off because they have done so much for me, its a way of saying thank you. 

I made life long friends while I was on this journey. Edwige, Selina and Bintou if you are reading this heyyy and congratulations to you all !!! I am very proud we all made it to the end. 
Anyone that has just started their uni journey or is heading to their last year I just want to wish you the best. You will be done sooner than you think so just enjoy it as much as you can and take it all in. You might be stressing right now but you will not be in the dark for long. At the end it will all be worth it.

Now about my grad dress, I literally got it last minute and I had started panicking that I left it too late but to be honest I had a lot to pick from. I wanted a blue or white dress. When I tried this one on in Lipsy I immediately knew it was the one. I didn't try anything else on. It fit me perfectly and looks summery which I wanted because I knew it was going to be a boiling day. I was very happy with my dress and the way it looked in the pics .. take a look at my graduation day and dinner celebration below!!!

Thanks to everyone that has congratulated meeee x

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