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Hey guys, I thought I would share one of my recent obsessions with you and that is beauty products!! If you know me you would know I was hardly into beauty, it was more the fashion side of things. Well now this has taken a huge turn, I love looking at beauty products and trying new cosmetics and brands I find it exciting.

Since buying beauty products is something I have not been doing for long I have been learning about new ways to do my make up. When I have nothing to do I feel like a little kid in the mirror playing with make-up and learning things. Trust me guys this works, if you want to better your beauty skills just watch some tutorials and try them out yourself (I do this). 

Most of my beauty products are from drugstores because I honestly feel like there is not a huge difference compared to the high end stores e.g mac. This could change as I get more into it, but for now I love my drugstore beauty bits they work for me which is why I would like to show you my faves at the moment. Just comment on the post if you want further information.

Left to Right.
500 Caramel Cupcake// 622 oh boy you're so fine!!// Barry M 334 Teal// 260 Funetime fuschia// 315 Ready, aim, paint!

Mua, Shade 13// Barry M, Shade 150// Rimmel Kate, Shade 110// Sleek, Mystic Shade 783

1.  I just bought the red MUA lipstick last week, my friend recommended it to me and I must say it is one my favourite reds that I have. It is not too matted and has a slight glossy look.

      2.   You gotta have a nude that you use every now and then and this Barry M one I love! It has a touch of pink/purple and is not too light for my complexion.

      3.  I bought this Rimmel Kate lipstick because I wanted a red that was not too red but had a touch of pink when I saw this shade I immediately knew it was the one I was looking for, it is nice for the summer since it is bright.

      4.   This sleek colour is my ultimate favourite lipstick shade! I honestly do not think I will find a lipstick colour that I love as much as this. I wear this lipstick all the time. I always have a bit of colour on my lips unless I'm at home and this is the colour that is in constant use! I even wish my lips were permanently this colour (yes, I am that obsessed) I use this colour during the day but I make it light with some Vaseline but when I'm going out in the evening I make it bold/stand out. 

Rimmel Apocalips
Galaxy301// Celestial101

I have no eye lashes what so ever, it's really sad because I love eye make up and making my eyes stand out. I do wear eyelashes but not a lot. I am sure I'm not the only one to say that they can be uncomfortable. This is why I was on a mission to find mascara that was not too expensive that could make my little eyelashes look fuller. That is when I found this!! It has a brush applicator, look at the picture below to see the change only on my left eye.
I hope you enjoyed this post. I do have more beauty products that I love but I thought I would show you the ones that are more relevant for the season. Thanks for taking time to look at my blog :) xxx

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