The swing dress

This dress has been one of my fave pieces lately! It is the type of dress that you can make casual with a pair of boots/trainers or you could dress it up with heels/heel boots and some statement jewellery. When I bought this, there was a grey and black one, I could have easily gone for the black but I thought it was so typical which is why I chose the grey. One thing that drew me to this dress was the material, it is quite warm and very soft which makes it suitable for spring. You could either wear it with tights, as I did because Canterbury was very warm that weekend or when it is a bit colder it still looks trendy with leggings.
I must say this has been my go-to item over the past couple months. Just incase you do not like this exact style you can find more swing dress styles in shops like ASOS, New Look, Missguided, Boohoo. etc.
I will leave a couple links below xx

Dress, New Look// Tights, Marks & Spencers// Boots, Primark// Hat, H&M// Rings, H&M// Bag, H&M// Bracelets, New Look// Earrings, TopShop

Alternative Swing dress styles (click below)

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