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Hello everyone! so sorry about my brief disappearance but I am back now and I have quite a lot in stall for you. This summer is all about the trends and this is one of my faves - The Pinafore. You can get this in forms of a dress, play suit or jumpsuit and they are for all occasions which is a big tick in my book. Depending on the one you get you can dress it up or dress it down. I would definitely recommend you to get one this summer because you can change the way you wear it meaning it does not have to only be worn once you will be able to switch up with top/shirt you were inside it which will make it look like a whole new outfit!

I went to a barbecue and the weather was lovely as it has been for a while now in London. I was very excited about wearing my new pinafore since it is comfortable and light, not at one point was I complaining about being too hot and sticky. What is also nice about this pinafore is that it is tight at the waist then loose at the top and bottom which accentuates your curves if you already have some but for those who don't this outfit will give you that curvy shape.

Here are a list of shops that have some really nice pinafores, go get yourself one!
New Look
Miss Selfridge


Pinafore, Miss Selfridge// Top, New Look// Shoes, Simmi// Bag, Zara// 
Sunglasses, Topshop// Earrings, New Look// Necklace, Topshop

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