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If you haven't seen this timeless trend lately - where have you been?

I have been trying recently to not jump on the bandwagon of trends because I feel like they are a waste of money. By the time you have worn the piece twice, it's 'out of fashion'. The best way to shop and something I wish I had learnt a while ago is to buy 'timeless pieces' these are pieces that you will be able to wear for years. Most timeless pieces are simple and that's great because you can get a lot of wear out of them. Some of these pieces aren't cheap but my little excuse is - it's a fashion investment!

Check out (no pun intended) the blazer I got from Zara the other day. I adore it. I can wear it to work, dinners or make it super casual. I might plan another post showing you how else I'd wear it. Otherwise I'll leave you to take a look at the images. Link to this blazer is below.

Blazer(similar), ZARA// Skirt, MANGO// Glasses, FOREVER 21// Earrings, ZARA

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