it's all about THE JACKET

I must say so far, this is my best buy this year! ...... yep, there is a story behind it continue reading to find out.

Three weekends ago while I was in Canterbury to see my sister I made sure to go to their town because I knew there would be different items in the shops there than in London. At that time all shops were on sale and as always I wanted everything but I tried to be wise, yes mark the word 'tried' lol.
Well anyway the one shop I was excited about going into was Zara because unlike a lot of shops, their sale items are usually trendy and still in season. As soon as me and my sister stepped in the shop she rushed over to the far back, obviously something had already caught her eye. Now let me just say this, she is very good a shopping during the sale season; by this I mean she knows how to find really nice things when the shop is a mess!
So back to the story, I followed her in to the shop as she reached out for the jacket. As soon as I saw the jacket I grabbed it off her (in a nice way) and immediately tried it on.
Here's the thing before I tried it on I saw that it was an XL (Extra Large) but that did not phase me at all because of my love for oversized clothing. When I put it on I knew it was perfect and I could make it work. To be honest the last thing I was thinking about was the price because I just knew I wanted it. But when I took a look at the tag I almost chocked up and thought I was hallucinating when I saw that the price tag said £16!!! yesssssss £16 !!!!
 I didn't think twice I just bought it and really thanked my sister!

So .... moral of the story do not be put off by the messy sales because there actually might be a very good bargain in there and also do not be put off bigger sizes. All items can be styled any way you like, it is up to you!

Jacket, Zara// Leather Leggings, Topshop// Boots, New Look// Top, River Island// Rings, H&M// Earrings, Topshop

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